Keeping the Oakland A's stadium in East Oakland is critical for East Oakland residents and the local economy.

The neighborhood surrounding the current Coliseum could benefit exponentially from a renovated stadium. It makes logical sense to revitalize East Oakland with smart growth and community-inclusive development that preserves the neighborhood's heritage. The A's' current plans would only draw new residents to the community without addressing the needs of existing residents, such as affordable housing. If the team instead commits to East Oakland by building a new stadium at the existing site, it will foster new economic growth and stronger community ties instead of leaving a vacuum behind.

The Coliseum has been home to the Oakland A's since they played their first game there in 1968, and both the stadium and the team are integral parts of East Oakland's identity and history. We believe it is in the best interest of both Oakland residents and A's fans that a new, state-of-the-art facility is constructed at the current location, which is supported by existing transportation infrastructure, does not threaten the livelihoods of working-class jobs, and will revitalize the East Oakland community.

Disrupting Oakland's active port with a stadium and luxury housing threatens good-paying jobs and creates significant health and safety risks.

The Howard Terminal site is simply incompatible with a stadium and luxury housing. It is inaccessible for the thousands of fans who attend A's games and the infrastructure needed to support safe travel to and from the proposed stadium isn't in place and isn't feasible. The nearest BART station is over a mile away, and the walk is through unsafe, industrial terrain adjacent to railroad tracks that are used to transport hazardous material. Fans leaving the ballpark at 10 p.m. in the dark will simply not want to make the trek. Along these lines, the plans for a gondola to ferry fans to the site is costly, unrealistic, and potentially dangerous.

Secondly, the waterfront location at Howard Terminal is already home to a thriving maritime industry that is integral to Oakland’s economic success. A new coliseum would almost certainly lead to the elimination of thousands of working-class jobs and displacement of a long-standing industry. Any decision that reduces the waterfront's dedication to maritime jobs undermines the Port of Oakland's success and sets a precedent for shrinking the city's blue-collar population in favor of new residents who do not share our commitment to the West Oakland community.

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