Port Still Bustling Amid Covid-19 Outbreak | SF Gate

While the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to strangle the economy, the Port of Oakland reported Friday that shipping schedules have "stabilized" after a small reduction in voyages.

Vessel schedules "stabilized after shipping lines cut 20 voyages to Oakland between February and April," port officials said in a news release Friday.

Earlier in the year, as shipping lines were adjusting their schedules, partly based on the world response to COVID-19, several notified the port that they would be cutting back on trips, which resulted in the 20 canceled voyages.

Looking ahead, at least as of Friday, there hasn't been any notice from ship owners that similar cancellations will be added this spring, said port spokesman Mike Zampa.

Port officials, however, do see some indications that shipping between Europe and Asian, which represents the bulk of the port's trade, has slowed significantly -- a development that could extend to West Coast ports in the coming weeks and months.

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