Open Letter to the City Council: Tell the A’s to Stop Abusing Oakland | Oakland Post

The City of Oakland is in an abusive relationship with the Oakland A’s.

The A’s tell the city, “Give me what I want, and I will stop hitting you.” The city bends and the A’s demand more and hit the city harder. We, the voters must come to the aid of their elected leaders. Please intervene and tell our elected leaders to stop allowing the A’s to bully them. Just say “NO” and walk away.

After all the city of Oakland has done to demonstrate their desire to keep the A’s in Oakland, including offering over $500 million of public funds for development of the Howard Terminal ballpark, the so-called ‘rooted in Oakland’ A’s have made an offer on a Las Vegas ballpark site at the Tropicana Casino.

Clearly, the A’s have been pitting cities against each other to leverage more public money for a ballpark.

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