Oakland Taxpayers Stand to be Stuck With the Tab to Subsidize A’s Proposed Howard Terminal Ballpark Complex | American Journal of Transportation

Despite promises by Oakland City officials that the $12 billion Oakland A’s ballpark and condominium complex at the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal will not require taxpayer funding, there is growing concern that Oakland taxpayers may be required to foot part of the bill.

“The right question to ask is: … ‘Who’s stuck with the tab?”
Mike Jacob, Vice President & General Counsel, PMSA

A September report authored by Nola Agha, Ph.D., a professor of sports management at the University of San Francisco, is entitled “Evaluation of the revenues, costs, and impacts of the proposed Oakland Waterfront Ballpark District at Howard Terminal” concluded that:

“In summary, the City is offering at least $603 million in diverted property tax revenues to the A’s, and the public will subsidize at least $850 million in additional infrastructure as public funding for the Howard Terminal Project.”

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