Oakland seeking to pay off $1.13B+ in A’s costs with more federal grants, siphoning off sales taxes | Field of Schemes

It’s been a while since anyone has reported on the $1 billion or more in infrastructure spending — much of it to build new underpasses and overpasses and shuttle bus routes to get fans to an otherwise largely inaccessible industrial area — that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is trying to raise for a new A’s stadium, and today the San Francisco Chronicle decided to give a shot at tallying up where all the potential subsidy money would come from. The answer: wherever Schaaf can find it.

  • “The city said it is in the process of securing $321.5 million … in state and federal grants, and local funds.” This will presumably be mostly from the state slush fund that California Gov. Gavin Newsom set up last summer for the project, but which still hasn’t been formally allocated because reasons.
  • “The city said it has applied for more than $180 million in federal grants and is looking at another $140 million in regional, state and federal grant opportunities.” City Administrator Ed Reiskin said the city isn’t likely to get approved for all this money, leading to…

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