Oakland is securing over $320 million in public funds for A’s ballpark upgrades. But that might not be enough | SF Chronicle

Time is running out for the Oakland Athletics and the city of Oakland to reach a deal by the end of the year.

Oakland leaders painted a stark picture Tuesday of negotiations between the city and the A’s on a $12 billion waterfront ballpark project and surrounding development, saying the two sides still need to hammer out how to pay for millions of dollars in infrastructure upgrades, and agree on affordable housing and a non-relocation agreement.

City Administrator Ed Reiskin said negotiations would have to be completed within the next week or so to get a final vote from the City Council before the end of the year — which is what the A’s have been hoping for. But with outstanding issues still on the table, it’s unclear if the two sides will reach an agreement this year.

“The timeline is very, very tight to do that,” he said, adding that the city is “doing everything in their power to get a good deal for Oakland.”

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