Oakland A’s: Howard Terminal project faces another problem | Fansided

The list of potential issues for the Oakland A’s Howard Terminal location is seemingly growing by the day, with The Sierra Club adding on.

It is no secret that the Oakland A’s want a new ballpark. The Colesium is antiquated, falling apart, and has a myriad of other issues. A new ballpark, meanwhile, would theoretically provide a revenue boost, and potentially allow the A’s to begin to lock in some of their younger cornerstone players.

In theory, that new ballpark was to be at Howard Terminal. The A’s would get a waterfront stadium that would re-invigorate the area, while making positive changes to the location. An old industrial area would be cleaned up, and the A’s new ballpark would be designed to be neutral with greenhouse gasses.

Yet, the A’s have run into a new roadblock. The Sierra Club not only sent a letter to the Oakland City Council to discourage those efforts, but doubled down on their assertations when team president Dave Kaval called their letter “factually inaccurate.”

The A’s have already navigated through numerous roadblocks, both political and environmental, over the past couple of years. However, they have had setbacks recently, including the ruling that the city cannot stop coal shipments from coming into the terminal. This letter is just the latest.

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