Oakland A’s appear to be intentionally alienating fanbase | White Cleat Beat

It certainly feels as though the Oakland A’s are going out of their way to alienate their fanbase. Between their ongoing flirtation with Las Vegas, the constant complaining about everything around the Coliseum, refusal to supplement a strong core to their roster, and general lack of interest in doing anything more than turning a profit, the A’s have become thoroughly maddening over the past few years.

Wednesday marked a new nadir when it came to the A’s and their fans. The 2022 ticket packages have been announced, with the team drastically raising prices across the board. Perks for season ticket holders, such as discounts on concessions, have been canceled. The Access Passes are gone, converted to quarter season passes where fans cannot pick games. The Treehouse, a beloved option for fans, is also no longer an option.

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