Oakland Progressives Are Pushing Alameda County Dems to Oppose Selling Coliseum to the A’s | East Bay Citizen

A group of Oakland progressives led by former Oakland mayoral candidate Pamela Price wants the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee to oppose the city’s proposed sale of its half of the Coliseum complex to the Oakland Athletics.

Push back by the Alameda County Democratic Party toward the proposed deal would be a significant development in the quest to build a new ballpark at Howard Terminal. The A’s intend to develop the existing 120-acre Coliseum complex for housing, offices, and open space.

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Opinion – Keep the A’s at the Coliseum | Oakland Post

The Oakland City Council is considering whether to sell its half interest in the Oakland Coliseum property to the A’s at the below-market rate of $85 million.

The Coliseum is some of the most valuable land in the entire Bay Area. This public land should not be handed over without full, public deliberation, especially when the sale would be at a discounted price. At a minimum, the City must require that, if the A’s buy the land, they must actually build their stadium at the Coliseum site. 

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Protest opposing ballpark plans set for Coliseum before A’s opener | San Francisco Chronicle

A protest that organizers expect will include “hundreds of cars” will converge Friday at the Coliseum an hour before the A’s Opening Night game against the Angels.

The East Oakland Stadium Alliance, which includes the Oakland East Bay Democratic Club, announced the protest in a press release Friday morning. The groups oppose the city of Oakland’s anticipated sale of its half of the Coliseum site to the A’s without the stipulation that the team build any new stadium at the Coliseum site, and the groups oppose the team’s proposed waterfront ballpark at Howard Terminal.

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East Oakland Neighborhoods Support Coliseum | SF Gate

Advocates for keeping the Oakland A's in the eastern neighborhoods of their hometown will roll by the Oakland Coliseum in a caravan Friday evening before the A's home opener.

The caravan is expected to start at 6 p.m. at the Coliseum and make a four-mile loop before returning. Hundreds of cars are expected, according to advocates.

The game starts at 7:10 p.m. Pacific time against the Los Angeles Angels.

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Baseball’s Stadium Workers Are Getting Peanuts From the Billionaire Owners | The Nation

Major League Baseball has imposed a Covid-shortened 60 -game season on the ballplayers after months of haggling over salaries and health provisions. Meanwhile, Jackie Walker worries about her future.

“I’m appalled about how the Nationals have treated us,” Walker said, referring to Washington, D.C.’s World Series–winning team that she has worked for since 2011. Walker, a catering cook at Nationals Park, who is a diabetic and has heart problems, lost her health insurance in mid-March after Major League Baseball (MLB) delayed the start of the regular season as a result of the health pandemic.

She is one of the roughly 24,000 food service workers who sell beer, peanuts, and hot dogs and staff the luxury suites at the 30 MLB stadiums throughout the country.

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Rally At John Fishers A's Stadium Protests Privatization Of Oakland Howard Terminal For New Stadium | Oakland News Now

ILWU and other unionists rallied on July 5, 2020 at the A’s Stadium in the Oakland Coliseum to protest the plans of billionaire A’s and GAP owner John Fisher.

He is trying to grab the Howard Terminal in the Port of Oakland for a new stadium, 3,000 one million dollar condo and hotel. It would destroy the viability of the maritime port according to ILWU members and maritime workers.

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Posing as a Sports Project – Commentary | Oakland Post

One of America’s richest men and an avid Trump supporter, billionaire John Fisher, wants to build 3,000 luxury housing units on the most valuable piece of public land in Oakland, the A’s stadium project, but his proposal has a lot more to do with real estate profits than it does with baseball.   

Fisher wants to use the land for condominiums, hotel, and retail development along with a stadium for the A’s. There is much opposition among Oaklanders, and it centers on two problems.

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Oakland A’s: Howard Terminal project faces another problem | Fansided

The list of potential issues for the Oakland A’s Howard Terminal location is seemingly growing by the day, with The Sierra Club adding on.

It is no secret that the Oakland A’s want a new ballpark. The Colesium is antiquated, falling apart, and has a myriad of other issues. A new ballpark, meanwhile, would theoretically provide a revenue boost, and potentially allow the A’s to begin to lock in some of their younger cornerstone players.

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Sierra Club: Build A’s ballpark at Coliseum site, not Howard Terminal | Ballpark Digest

The Sierra Club’s San Francisco Bay Chapter is recommending the Oakland Athletics build a new ballpark at the current Coliseum site, arguing that there are too many environmental issues associated with a Howard Terminal waterfront location.

With the Oakland Coliseum clearly not the long-term home of the Athletics, the team had been promoting a plan for a privately financed ballpark a the downtown waterfront Howard Terminal site, and a key economic component of that plan was generating future revenue from a redeveloped Coliseum site. But last month the Athletics said the Howard Terminal plan may end up being delayed or even scrapped, which could launch a new plan to build a new ballpark next to the Coliseum, tear down the Coliseum and then redevelop the area with mixed-use amenities.

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Coliseum Authority Boss Doesn't See Athletics Moving to New Park for 2023 | Sports Illustrated

For the moment, the Oakland A’s are holding to the timetable for their plan to be in a new stadium at Howard Terminal north of Oakland’s Jack London Square for the start of the 2023 season.

As time goes by, however, that date seems more mirage than reality. Privately, the A’s acknowledge the difficulty of meeting that timeline.

Henry Gardner, the interim executive director of the Coliseum Authority, which is the overlord of the A’s current home, the Coliseum, isn’t directly involved in the Howard Terminal project. But indirectly, it’s in his realm of operation, and he isn’t shying away from the realities.

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