Howard Terminal ballpark: A conversation with Carroll Fife | Oaklandside

Carroll Fife joined the City Council in January 2021, in the midst of the Oakland A’s proposal to build a 35,000-seat stadium, thousands of homes, a hotel, and office and retail space at Howard Terminal near the Port of Oakland and Jack London Square.

The $12 billion project, if built, would have huge impacts on West Oakland and Chinatown. Fife came into the District 3 office, which represents West Oakland and Jack London Square on Oakland’s City Council, after defeating incumbent Lynette Gibson McElhaney. She has served as executive director of nonprofit community advocacy organization ACCE, and was one of the key architects of the Moms 4 Housing movement, and helped organize the Anti Police-Terror Project. She campaigned for her Council seat on plans to address issues of police reform, homelessness, and housing affordability. But Fife told us she believes the scope of the ballpark proposal has sucked up time, attention, and city resources to the point that it’s hobbled the city’s ability to address more pressing issues facing Oakland residents.

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Shipping Groups Sue Oakland A’s, City Over Waterfront Stadium Project | Wall Street Journal

A coalition of shipping-industry groups, including port managers, trucking operators and the dockworkers’ union, is asking a California court to halt plans by the Oakland Athletics baseball team to build a stadium at the city’s port.

The groups filed suit late Friday against the A’s, the city of Oakland, the city council and the Port of Oakland on environmental grounds over a project aimed at providing the team a new venue that would keep it in the city. The stadium would replace the A’s 56-year-old home with what developers depict as a scenic site that includes housing, a hotel and retail shops on the Oakland waterfront.

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A’s slammed with second lawsuit against $12 billion waterfront ballpark project in Oakland | SF Chronicle

Union Pacific Railroad filed a lawsuit on Friday against Oakland and the A’s over the $12 billion waterfront ballpark and surrounding development at Howard Terminal — the second legal challenge against the project.

The lawsuit, filed in Alameda County Superior Court, challenges the project’s environmental analysis and alleges that the city did not “sufficiently analyze and mitigate public safety risks and other impacts associated with the large number of motor vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians that will have to cross the heavily-trafficked” railroad tracks to access the stadium, residential units and other aspects of the project.

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Coalition of port users sues to stop Oakland A’s waterfront ballpark plan | East Bay Times

A coalition of Port of Oakland shipping companies, truckers and other workers have filed a lawsuit in an effort to block the city and Oakland’s A’s plan to build a waterfront ballpark and surrounding village at Howard Terminal.

The lawsuit accuses the city of approving a flawed environmental impact report. that failed to address how the proposed ballpark and mixed-use development would disrupt workers and the transportation of cargo in and out of the port.

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OPINION: ​​Let the Voters Vote! Citizens Should Decide on Proposal to Build New Ballpark for Oakland A’s | Oakland Post

We applaud Councilmember Carroll Fife’s decision to honor the wishes of Oakland residents and let the voters determine whether it is appropriate to use public funds to support building the Oakland A’s privately owned baseball park and 3,000 luxury condominiums at Howard Terminal.

Oakland faces many challenges including school closures, an ever-increasing homelessness crisis, spiking crime, desperately needed infrastructure repairs of roads, and fire safety investment. Voters should be given the opportunity to decide whether this is the right time to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of public funds on billionaire John Fisher’s privately owned luxury project.

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Oakland council member considering ballot measure to decide A’s ballpark fate | SF Chronicle

Oakland City Council Member Carroll Fife may sponsor a ballot measure that would let voters decide the fate of the A’s proposed waterfront ballpark, the latest twist in the baseball team’s five-year quest for a new stadium.

Fife is “leaning towards supporting a ballot measure,” she told The Chronicle after a Saturday community meeting in West Oakland on the $12 billion proposal.

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Borenstein: A’s ballpark plan jeopardizes needed Bay Area port capacity | Mercury News

The Oakland A’s plan for a $12 billion development and ballpark deal ran into a snag this past week that probably won’t kill the project but should prompt Bay Area residents to ask whether it’s a good idea.

With shipping imports rapidly rising, why should the Port of Oakland give up 50 acres of land at Howard Terminal, and why should taxpayers provide hundreds of millions of dollars of subsidies so a billionaire baseball team owner can further fatten his pocketbook?

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OPINION: What the A’s stadium plan will do to Oakland’s port, its workers and the California supply chain | San Francisco Chronicle

California ports are by far the busiest of any state, handling about 40% of all containerized cargo that enters the U.S. The Port of Oakland, the sixth-largest U.S. container port, handled nearly 1.1 million 20-foot equivalent unit import containers in 2021, the most in its 94-year history. It exported another million containers.

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Council Approves Plan to Hire Staff for Fisher’s Howard Terminal Project | Oakland Post

Oakland City Council members had to make a tough decision this week, under pressure to decide whether to approve Mayor Libby Schaaf’s proposal to commit nearly $450 million in public funds to begin planning the infrastructure to support billionaire John Fisher’s Howard Terminal development on public land at the Port of Oakland.

On one hand, many Oakland residents are strongly opposed to the deal. Nearly every public speaker at Tuesday’s Zoom City Council meeting spoke against the proposal. Many oppose the privatization of public land at Howard Terminal.

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Schaaf Seeks to Start $500 Million in Construction to Back Howard Terminal Real Estate Deal | Oakland Post

Mayor Libby Schaaf’s administration is seeking to create a nearly $450 million fund, called “TOWN for All,” to pour public resources into upgrading areas around the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal, transforming what is now an industrial landscape into one that would be suitable and safe for affluent residents, retail customers and baseball fans who are expected to come to billionaire John Fisher’s stadium, high-end condominiums and retail complex.

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