New coalition announces opposition to proposed Oakland A's ballpark at Howard Terminal | ABC 7 News

A new coalition took to the steps of Oakland City Hall Thursday to formally announce their opposition to the Oakland A's plan to build a new stadium at the busy Howard Terminal. 

The "East Oakland Stadium Alliance" claims the proposal would result in the loss of thousands of living wage jobs at the port, but the team says none of the existing operations would be lost -- just moved to another piece of property at the port. 

Standing two dozen strong on the steps of Oakland City Hall, the "East Oakland Stadium Alliance" sent a clear message to the Oakland A's and city leaders -- that they oppose a new ballpark at the team's preferred site, Howard Terminal. 

"We think the decision, if it has been made, to build a stadium," said Don Marcus, president of the maritime group International Organization of Master, Mates & Pilots, "it has been made on irreplaceable maritime industrial property is short-sided and absolutely irresponsible."

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