For bad-news A’s, Howard Terminal ballpark timeline in danger | San Francisco Chronicle

Bad news is coming at — and from — the A’s by the trainload.

Many A’s fans dreamed that this season would be a tipping point for their beloved ballclub. With a dynamic young team, the A’s were penciled in as a contender. World Series? That might be a little stretch, but not unrealistic.

So far the season has been a tipping point, but the wrong way. The A’s hoped to sprinkle stardust, but they may wind up choking on coal dust.

First, some news. An A’s spokesperson said the team might have to push back their plans to open a new ballpark at Howard Terminal for the 2023 season.

The A’s and president Dave Kaval have long held firm on that 2023 date, even in the face of growing political and logistical hurdles.

It’s no secret, I have not bought into the A’s dreams at Howard Terminal. I call it Fantasy Island. The hurdles, even before the pandemic, are enormous and growing by the day. The virus-related delays, no fault of the A’s, bleaken the picture.

So what’s a year or two delay for A’s fans who have waited decades for that gleaming new ballpark promised by a succession of A’s owners? For one thing, a delay likely threatens the core of the current team.

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