For all the talk of a pedestrian-friendly new A’s stadium, fans expected to drive | San Francisco Chronicle

For all of the talk of strolling to the Oakland A’s proposed waterfront ballpark, more than half the fans would drive or take Lyft or Uber to sold-out games, adding an estimated 10,000 cars to the already congested area, a study by Oakland’s Department of Transportation concludes.

The report, which is being presented at community meetings for discussion, estimates that 50% of the attendees at a sold-out game — roughly 17,500 fans — would drive 7,500 vehicles to the area and search for parking between downtown Oakland and Howard Terminal, where the stadium would be located.

An additional 5,600 fans are expected arrive by Uber, Lyft or other ride services, adding 2,400 cars to the mix.

In all, 2 out of 3 fans would probably drive or be driven to the games, compared with 23% — about 8,000 fans — who are expected to take BART. Only 4% of fans would walk from their homes or workplaces, which is supposed to be one of the attractions of a downtown ballpark.

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