Borenstein: A’s ballpark plan leaves California taxpayers to protect Oakland port | Mercury News

The Port of Oakland announced this month the planned opening of a temporary container yard to help unclog the supply chain for agriculture exports.

The plan, hammered out in meetings with the Newsom administration, farm producers and transportation executives, would enable faster truck turnarounds, according to the port’s press release.

What the announcement didn’t mention was the yard’s location: Howard Terminal, the port property best known as the potential future site of the Oakland A’s $12 billion waterfront development and ballpark project.

The connection serves as a reminder that, unlike the Giants’ waterfront ballpark across the bay, the A’s site lies adjacent to a massive international shipping operation that moves more than 2.4 million cargo containers each year. Unless local officials take proper precautions, the project’s economic impact on consumers across California could be substantial.

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