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Any decision that reduces the waterfront’s dedication to maritime jobs undermines the Port of Oakland’s success and sets a precedent for shrinking the city’s blue-collar population in favor of private developers who do not share our commitment to the West Oakland community. The port is home to over 80,000 thousand jobs, thousands of them unionized, and many of which could be lost forever to a private ballpark, high-rise office buildings and luxury condos.

We must all join forces to ensure that the waterfront remains a thriving maritime industry – one of the strongest bastions of good-paying union jobs for working-class African Americans in the state.

Read below to learn more and take action to defend our working waterfront.

Who are BCDC and SPAC?

The Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) is a California state commission dedicated to the protection, enhancement, and responsible use of the San Francisco Bay and is comprised of 27 members representing port, regional and state stakeholders appointed by agencies throughout the Bay Area.

The Seaport Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) considers amendments to the Seaport Plan and provides recommendations to BCDC based on technical expertise. Members include representatives from Bay Area ports and environmental and economic development interest groups. 

What was the SPAC recommendation regarding Howard Terminal?

On March 16, 2022, the SPAC voted to retain the Port Priority Use designation for Howard Terminal - reinforcing that Howard Terminal is critical to the port’s maritime operations and the region’s projected demand for cargo growth. We join the SPAC in urging the full BCDC commissioner to protect this critical piece of land and to reject the A’s efforts to privative the Port of Oakland and displace thousands of maritime jobs.

 Ready to Take Action?

Bay Conservation and Development Commission Hearing

On Thursday, June 2, 2022, the BCDC will hold a public meeting to discuss removing Howard Terminal’s Port Priority Use designation to make way for the Oakland A’s private real estate development. Unfortunately, BCDC staff has opted to disregard its own Seaport Planning Advisory Committee’s (SPAC) direction and (preliminarily) recommended the removal of Howard Terminal from Port Priority Use. If BCDC commissioners agree with this recommendation and vote in favor of the A’s application, it will pave the way for the land’s permanent removal as a critical hub for truckers, training, cargo containers and logistics without the Port identifying any alternate location for these crucial services and union jobs.

1. Sign our Petition and Send an Email

Please take a moment to sign our petition to the BCDC urging them to support the recommendation of the SPAC and BCDC consultants who agree that Howard Terminal should not be removed from Port Priority Use, HERE.

All signed petition letters are delivered straight to the Commissioners.

You can also email your own comments to [email protected] until NOON Friday, May 27, 2022, to allow time for comments to be shared with Committee Members.

2. Speak at the Hearing

What: BCDC – Howard Terminal Hearing
When: Thursday, June 2, 9am
Where: Hybrid Meeting (Virtual and In-Person) – Meeting link will available HERE 10 days before the meeting

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