A's season-ticket holders upset over team's price-hike pitch for 2022 | San Francisco Chronicle

When Oakland A’s fan Gabriel Hernandez received an email from the team Wednesday about renewing his season-ticket plan for the 2022 season, he balked at the price — nearly double what he paid for a left-field bleacher seat two years ago, he said.

Hernandez said he paid $456 to re-up his 24-game A’s ticket plan before the 2020 season. The pandemic left stands empty that season, and this year the team did not sell season tickets with capacity restrictions at the Coliseum carrying into midseason. On Wednesday, said Hernandez, who posted images of his ticket orders to Twitter, he learned that buying a similar 24-game plan for next season will cost him more than $800.

“I’m not planning on renewing,” said Hernandez, 22, of Oakland. “I just feel like after everything that’s happened this season, this is kind of like the last straw for me. I feel like it’s a slap in the face to some A’s fans — or at least to me, it’s a slap in the face.”

The A’s apparent decision to hike season-ticket prices for 2022 came as attendance numbers this season dip and the team explores a potential move to Las Vegas if it cannot secure a new waterfront ballpark in Oakland. It left several fans expressing frustration and confusion after ticket information was released Wednesday.

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